Thursday, July 28, 2011

SNSD - Mr. Taxi (Acoustic English Cover) (JPEC)

(Original Key) (Capo 1) Verse/Chorus: Em-G-D-Am
(Original Key) (Capo 1) Bridge: C-Em-D-Bm-C-Em-D
(Our Key) (Capo3) Verse/Chorus: Am-C-G-Dm
(Our Key) (Capo 3) Bridge: F-Am-G-Em-F-Am-G

Mr. Taxi – SNSD
Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York
Around the world let’s drive tonight
We’re showing off,
We’ll flaunt em our new style
I’m gonna show you a world you’ve never dreamed of before

Watch where you’re goin, better keep the road in your sight
The night’s a blur, there’s so much passing by my window side
I’m so fast

Mr. taxi x3
Let’s go quicklyx3
At the speed we’re goin now
They’ll never catch where we are
Mr. Taxix3
Let’s go quicklyx3
And I’m shinin here tonight
I’m untouchable to ‘em now
I’m goin Supersonic and Hypertonic
Won’t you steal me away
You take me with you now
Mr. Taxi x3
Let’s go quickly x3
Better stop and think
It’s not an easy road out

Lightin’ up
The city lights are shootin stars
When we go
We’re goin all the way it’s non stop
Only engines roar behind now
Let’s meet again
From where you are just say goodbye

Hey don’t you look away and just enjoy, when we ride
The night’s a blur, It’s also passing by your window side
I’m so sure


welcome to my show, it's a revolution.
everyone rock with me, take it in all right
get hype! jump! let's party all night
i know we the one to make you super crazy
wanna be your genie more than one night
watchin' me, feelin' me, callin' my name
i just want you and me to feel the same
come on and move it put your hands up in the air
everybody lose control and hands up in the air

Go wherever (anywhere)
Just say whenever (anywhere)
we can go to (anywhere)
a different world, now (anywhere)

It’s what I’ve always dreamed of
Don’t know why I-‘m nervous
And I don’t know why
And I don’t know why

And I know you’ll follow me, I don’t wanna say goodbye
Goodbye etc.


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