Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense (Acoustic English Cover) (KPEC)

Chords: (Capo 1)
Verse: Am-F-E7-Am
Pre-Chorus: (F-E7-Am-D)x3 Dm-E7
Chorus: (Am-Dm-E7)x2 F-G-E7-Am-G-F-E7
Feel, watch, P.L.U.S., Sixth Sense

I can't be tamed, won't be chained, no never don't try
don't touch, touch, rush it, rush it
you catch my gaze, and it wakes you, feel the way I got you
hit, hit, guilty, guilty

You're starting to sweat, you look at me and you just thirst for more
I feel your flesh upon my fingertips, it hurts for more
the bubble in champagne
explode in good pain
(no need to worry, love is just a game)
hit that high

Pop, Pop, Pop, hoo hoo
see the space between us, fillin' up with music
Pop, pop, pop, hoo hoo
losin' all my breath it's, more than simple music
Pop, Pop
all the feelings that I wanna share with you is more than emotion
better than the love motion

Don't try to reach, on your own, just leave it alone
and sit sit, like this, this
Wait for your turn, and when you get it go head and kiss, kiss, frenchy, frenchy

it gets even higher, make your senses go on overload
give into yourself, and let your feelings out just let it go
like animals shackled
inside this jungle
(no need to worry, love is just a game)
hit that high


you've hidden your secrets in your dreams
and I invade it, not a single thought
towards a place, where we'll be free hey
live it up, right away, huh?

Fol-low, I'm your escort, let me lead you to your destination it's a
new world, take a look, if you think it's dark better take a second
(follow me) uh (say my name) do it louder
you won't forget me, sing it to me baby
(follow me) Gratzie (say my name) gracias can you follow?

You'll never forget it once you hear it, you got me?
Any other song'll sound the same, you get me?
Raise arms. Halt and Fire.



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