Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big Bang - Bad Boy (Acoustic English Cover) (KPEC)

Verse: G7-Bm7-Am-F/C#m
PreChorus: G7-Bm7-C-F/C#m
Chorus: Verse-PreChorus


At the time I know that I was really rough

I never thought you’d leave me here guess you had enough

Sayin that I’m sorry’s kinda hard, it’s a little tough

For us so we don’t say a word and keep it bottled up

My temper’s kind of short we’re always fightin over stupid lil thangs

Then you cry and run away so I just sit around and thenk

She’ll be back tomorrow ‘fore I even know

She’ll call me up and holla at ya boy right in the morn


Baby, I can’t I’m not a good man I know

I’m tryin’ to be a good man, it’s so hard n’

Everyday and night I’m so mean, ‘cause I’m so real

I’m sorry (but I can’t change)


Know you love me baby but I’m sorry I’m a bad boy

Go ahead and leave me ‘cause I know that you a good girl

Longer that you’re with me, the more you get to know me

Know I’ll disappoint you but please

Baby don’t leave me, I know you still love me

I’m tryin to be real see, I need you here with me, cuz you’re

my lay-lay-lay-lay-lady

My lay-lay-lay-lay-lady

You’re different from the guys so, It’s kinda hard for me

You’re so sensitive keep actin like a young girl

But compared to you who’s smiling next to me I know, I’m too young, girl

Tell you that I’m busy gotta cancel and reschedule

And I’m sorry, I’m ashamed can’t bring myself to look up atcha

Woman of my dreams, now turned into a friend though

Broken up we never speak, but the silence’s so loud



So don’t you say a thing

I know I’m acting tough, but deep inside it’s different

Don’t abandon me

You know that no one else gon’ understand me like ya

Girl you’re the one, the only one who gets me baby

So please come, back to me, ye ye ye


Know you love me baby but I’m sorry I’m a bad boy (sorry I’m a bad boy)

Go ahead and leave me ‘cause I know that you a good girl (you a good girl)



  1. Looove it so much ^_^ U guys are great !! Keep doin' what you're doin', cause you're awesome - and I love your voices! ^___^

  2. This is great ! I will try to sing too :D

  3. Awesome cover! what are the chords for the bridge though?