Sunday, April 14, 2013

Q&A #1 ( PART_3)

-What's the process for finding a kpop contest? Do you guys every travel for your singing,
or do you have like some local kpop base?

We don't really have a "base" for kpop other than our house for the covers lol. We mostly go for contests that are in LA or Southern California.

-Have you ever sung an Indonesian song?

Yes, We have sung Indonesian songs before but not as a cover on youtube. Angky used to compete in chil singing contests in Indonesia and Arlene did a few as well. When we do karaoke with our parents we also sing Indonesian songs. However, we don't really listen to Indonesian pop music.

-If you could be in any Kdrama, which would it be, and why?

Angky: I could not be in a kdrama because I'm neither skinny nor beautiful. In all seriousness, I'm more of a singer than an actor.

Arlene: Secret Garden! Because it's my favorite!

-If you could be in any Kpop group, which would it be, and why?

Angky: I would be in 2am as a vocalist cuz i cant dance.

Arlene: I don't want to be in a Kpop group because I'm awks. I'd totally be a manager though. For f(x)! haha.

-Process for writing a cover?

First we find a song that we like. Then we figure out the guitard chords. Sometimes we change or add chords to the song for extra flavoring. After that, we find translations of the song online. Then we reword those translations to fit syllabically to the melody of the original song. Then we divide the song into parts(who sings where) then we decide on harmonies. After that, we practice until we feel ready and after a couple days we record it. The recording could take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

-How was your trip in Korea and KPOPCON'13?

Korea was great! We have a few videos up on our youtube of our trip there so check em out! Kpopcon'13 was amazing as well. We got to meet a lot of cool people, dancers, singers, saw some old friends, and even met Aimee Lee Lucas. We also got to see a bunch of our viewers there and we felt so loved and warm on the inside

-What do you like about the shinee or f(x) members?

Angky: Shinee have always been incredibly clean in their performances in all aspects. Vocals, dancing, visuals, energy. F(X): Luna's singing, Krystal's abs and Ambro. Need i say more?

Arlene: Same thing as him!

-Do you guys want to live someday in South Korea?

Angky: Maybe visit again or stay there for a while but I personally wouldn't live there just because i feel like my career is taking me elsewhere at the moment.

Arlene: Maybe. It all really depends on where my career will be taking me!

-If you were given a chance to write English versions professionally would you?

Angky: YES! Doing what we love and getting money for it? That's what it's all about, right?!


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