Friday, March 7, 2014

2NE1 = "Come Back Home" (English Cover)

1 2 3 you left me here all alone
I hear your breath it’s in the air I don’t know where it’s from
And now it’s 4 5 6, my tears fall in a crimson line
Missing the scent that held me close so deep at night

Told me, everything you did was done for me
Like a lie, you turned your back on me so coldly
Baby why? Baby why? You’re gone away

Come back home, can you come back home? Eh
Baby don’t leave me all alone, stay by my side just come back home now
Come back home, can you come back home? Eh
Tryin’ to push back all the pain
Hope that you know I’m waiting for you babe
Now you gotta do what you gotta do
Come baby baby come come baby (baby come back home)
Come come baby baby come come

I really hate you cause you won’t just pick up the phone
I always wonder if you miss me too at all yeah
Feel like I’m trapped in time without you by my side
Can’t see the future, I’m so scared of what it holds

All the days that haven’t passed, it seems to me
Like they’l l always be there waiting for us baby
Where’re you babe? Where’re you babe? Too far away?

Chorus x2