Thursday, August 1, 2013

EXO - Growl (Acoustic English Cover) (KPEC)

Coming Soon...

So sexy~
In case you didn't know I'm warnin' ya ( listen up )
You in daynjuh meow ( so duh danger )
You pushin' all my buttons stop it meow ( trouble noww )
What I'm gon' do now?

Girl it's hard to breathe right now, 'cause I see you be walkin' at me
lookin' at me as you smile, do you feel me like I feel ya
Ooh~ My eyes've got that haze
When you're lookin at me so intensely
I hear your breath it's getting closer and,
You're makin' me crazy I'm goin' mad

Wanna hide you in my arms (real talk)
No one else can see you girl (I'm so serious)
'Cause all the eyes that want you
are raising up a storm, deep inside of my soul

There's a shadow that's wakin' inside of me
I'm seein' fireworks when I look at ya
Y'all best step away, bounce up on outta here
'cause I'm 'bout to go wild up in here now
I'm growlin' at, growlin' at, growlin' at ya x3
If you don't get away from her, you might be hurt boy

My eyes are getting' sharp
Tension's thick like it could cut
If I hold your right now
All around you girl, baby baby

Don't move and stay where you are girl
And don't be lookin' at others
I'll never ever let you go, wait and see, baby

In this foggy atmosphere ( in this foggy atmosphere )
You can clearly see the shine ( you can clearly see the shine )
the shine of eyes that want you, it's ringing the alarm, deep inside me now



Them other wolves they might be eyein' ya ( HEEH? )
'Cause you perfection baby I'm in awe ( HEEEEEEH? )
Girl I'ma hold you I'll be gentle and warm
But I'ma fight for you, and girl I'd raise a storm

'Cause in the end, the strong gon' win the beauty queen
There ain't no room for you, so back up off the scene
Your chance is zero fool, better stop ya starin' fool
You wanna get at her, you gonna have to get me first

Let's erase it all together, everyone but us
So all that's left is you and me it's us until the end

I'm growlin' at, growlin' at, growlin' at ya x3
If you don't get away from her, you might be hurt then

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