Friday, April 8, 2011

Taeyang - I need a Girl (English Lyrics/Chords)

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Tired of being alone ~ Sick of being single
I think I need me a girl ~ I need a girl like

Freely speaks her mind she's ready and refined; she's willing to hold me
Not someone who gets around, but ready to settle down, she'll love and comfort me
Even if you show your disinterest, guys will always flock to you
And though they will try to do their hardest, you know I'm still the best for you

(Chorus)Girl I need a girl
Beautiful all day
flawless as always
Girl I need a girl
Baby I need you
Girl you need me too

She looks better in jeans, If ya know what I mean, even though she's got the body of a model
And whatever stuff I cook, no matter how bad it looks she'll praise me and she'll eat it with a smiiile.
Oohh- a girl who's ageless as the years we spend go by
That's the kind of girl I wanna make my wife
Though she tends to act a little shy
She knows when it's time to speak out
well she's always practical and modest
but when we're alone heh you know what im talkin bout


I like the kind of girl that makes me sing lalalalala
Her appearance not an issue but
She Gotta have taste and know how to look hot
We connect so well im thinkin that she got wi fi
this girl is fly so fly im talkin sky high
But this girl is gonna stop me In my tracks
My boys will say maaaan you got it bad
Ill love the way she'll wake me up with her morning kiss
She got breakfast on the way, my favorite dish
Every day is like this but you know im gonna give that lovin back get it girl

Make my heart beat so fast it's racin
Make my singing become alive again
You know that she would give all of her heart to me and in return I'd give her mine
Girl I need a girl ummmm yeah
Girl I like you gotta make you mine ima treat u right baby ooh
Girl I need a girl yeah
Girl I need a girl yeah
Girl are you listening to my words
Baby I need u girl u need me too
Girl I need a girl

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