Thursday, April 7, 2011

TVXQ - Keep Your Head Down (English Lyrics/Chords)

Chords (Capo 3)
Chorus: Em-Amaj-Am-B7
Verse: Emx2-Am-B7
Rap: Em

(Don’t tell me it’s the end) I ain’t even gotten started yet.
(You say it’s the end) I have-n’t heard a reason yet.
I just hear ‘em say, why you actin’ up this way
They all go, trippin’ you’re trippin’ you’re trippin’ you’re-like I’m the villain now

(it’s a sin) if loving you, counts as a sin. 
(If it was a sin) if giving you my all was a sin.
(I’ma keep it low, I-I-I’ma keep it low) I’ll hold everything in, stand my ground now

Keep your head down
A pretty face but inside, you’ve got a devil alive, that’s what scares me the most
Keep your head down
I told you I loved you but now I got-ta let you go.

(Chorus) (Why) did you leave my heart so ea-si-ly
(Why) did you think I’d be so easy?  Please.
(Why) you’ve ripped out my heart; I’m on my knees (Why)
(Why) if everything that we shared was just a dream
(Why) if only I had the time to make it right
(Why) I prayed you’d find happiness, but now I’m gone

Now, I’ve always, I’ve always, been, satisfied with having you girl
No matter what they said, I, found happiness inside your dream world
Now I gotta walk on this path alone let you go this is the way life planned girl.
Now I’m just chillin’, Feel like I’m healin’

(Now it’s just too late) you said ain’t no way you’re comin’ back
(You’ve always believed) that I couldn’t live without you girl
You misunderstood, there’s no way that could be true,
tell me why would I, why would I, why would I, I told you no way

(Hey) the sadness just kept killing me, Time for you to grow up
I was always scared you’d meet some other guy (Why, Baby)

Keep your head down
A pretty face none can beat, but your looks are all that you got, nothing good inside of you
Keep your head down
You have set a thorn inside the heart that holds scars of love


(Ha!) Don’t you start to think that you can play with someone else’s heart
all you do is lie, you look in my eyes, and the words break me apart
A two faced liar, like a double sided coin you flip
(Why why why) don’t know when our love turned into such a tragic mess

Our love is over, I’ve finally let you go, now my heart is empty
But the future’s bright, tellin’ me to smile, gotta get my eyes to the sky
I’m lett-in you go, so find happiness without me (Why why why)
Someday later on, I’ma smile, you ain’t never gonna be beside me

(Why) Why?!
(Why) ~~
(Why) Just let our love go and made it all look so damn easy
(Why) Never thought you’d hurt anyone, but you were so damn wrong
(Why) I still think that you just don’t quite under-stand
(Why) what you’ve really lost a hold on
(Why) Sit there and watch me as I grow free of you


Keep your head down
You have been erased; disappeared, in my heart you’ve burned to death here
(you don’t have a place here)
Keep your head down
You have been erased; disappeared, in my heart you’re no longer here
(You ain’t got no place here.)



  1. This is my favorite cover from you! :D I know it by heart :)

  2. Your rapping and high tones
    ...This is sick. ㅇㅅㅇ
    I love your covers and thanks for all the chords!