Tuesday, April 19, 2011

f(x) - Pinocchio(Danger) (English Lyrics/Chords)

Chords (Capo 7) (original key NO CAPO)
Chorus: Em-C-Am7
Verse(Danger): Em-D-Am
Verse: Em-D-Am
Bridge: Em-D-A7-Am

Remember Me
I’m in d-d-d-danger
Pinocchio, remember me

Hold up let me analyze this, it’s time to free my heart, that
Emerald I’ll steal it, watch those, those pupils roll around and
Been scanned from head to toe I feel, that whining, buzzing, ringing
Using just a knife, I’ll strip you of your frozen rouse

Now I’m in danger
one or two just drag the layers like a pastry
Seeping through the cracks almost like honey
Now I’m Pinocchio
Everything I know is only you, it’s
Trouble trouble, risky risky
Time to start the show

Follow follow now-na-na
thrilling start it now
I can feel your curiosi-ty
Don’t you dare to move!
Piece by piece we now-na-na
Try to take ‘em out-na
Now I’ll take you apart and rebuild you as I please

I’m in d-danger, Pinocchio
Remember-member me, Pinocchio
Remember me

Not in any way a doctor I just, just want to know you better
Like the myst’ry of Columbus, that’s what I think of you
My heart it jumps, up and down
I don’t know what to do
I feel just like a kid on a Christ-mas morning now
(The original doll line just couldn’t be made sense in English.  It was took awkward and out of place lol.  I changed it more into a saying we’d use in English.  Sorry~)

Now I’m in danger
One or two each bite is sweeter than macaroons
Soaking through the cracks flowing so smoothly
Now you’re Pinocchio
Everything I know is only you, it’s
Trouble trouble, risky risky
Time to start the show, show, show


you’re trapped in a maze, don’t know how to get out.
You’re the key to your escape, you just don’t know how
All them tricks that you pulled; reveal yourself clown
Oh, I just wanna tell you I’m in danger now

I’m in danger, in danger
Remember me

Nothing short of perfection you’ll be,
be reborn into your wildest dreams
Now breathe this life into your waiting lips
It’s a dream come true Pinocchio


Remember me


  1. yeah!! tnx for this blog... now i cn play it a guitar..:))

  2. Do you guys have this song in mp3?(: