Monday, June 6, 2011

[2NE1 LONELY COVER CONTEST] (Acoustic English Reggae Cover)


Everything I’m ‘bout to tell you
could hurt you but you know, it’s true
I know, that you’ll just hate me, half to death it’s all right

When you tell me that I’m not the same person
Gotta say it’s not a total lie
Even I don’t recognize who I’ve become today-ay –ay –ay

(Pre Chorus)
You’re the kind of person,
who’s always sweet to me oh
I don’t know, I don’t know
Why I keep acting like this
And we were deeply in love then
And now you’re here but I, oh
I don’t know
I just wanna find myself now

Baby I’m sorry, even when you’re here I’m lonely
Guess I don’t know all that much when it’s ‘bout love
I know, I’m bad forgive me ‘cause I’m sorry
This belongs to us, our story
Guess I don’t deserve this thing that we call love
Although I’m right by you, baby I’m so lonelyx5
Baby I’m so lonelyx5
Baby I’m so lonelyx5

You were never one to blame, it’s
Me who’s acting really strange
And it seems, that I’ve always been ready for the day, when we part

All I wanted was to treat you well, but
At this time, I’m also faced with love
Feel like I’m shrinking away there’s no end I’m so lonely

(Pre Chorus)


‘Cause I’m just another girl
Tonight’s just way too lonely
I just can’t take anymore, good bye
‘Cause I’m just another girl
I feel the loneliness
Even when you’re right, next to me
Baby I’m so lonelyx5

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  1. both of you're awesome ! :D
    can I request for some guitar covers? ^^